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My best friend

Yasadigim onca seyden sonra yakinmalarim sonucunda , hayatimdaki en iyi arkadasimdan aldigim bu harika emaili olumsuzlestirmek istedim. Kelimesi kelimesin asagida paylasiyorum. 

Dear My friend ,
I am sad to notice that you are becoming an empty shell. My words won’t be what you’d wanted to hear but they are what you need to know.
First of all I am fed up with listening to that damned curse! It’s a good excuse you created yourself. An excuse which allows you to hide behind it and to think that there’s nothing to do against. A perfect excuse because infact, nobody can fight God and win. So you keep on wallowing in that quagmire waiting and waiting. It is too easy to think like this!
About HIM  and many other MEN past and to-be. Poor Friend! Do you still think that you’ll be able to find anybody surfing the websites? What a dreamer you are! People look for sex there, one night stand, fun. Did it crossed your mind that you could start a “relation” with him? Did it crossed your mind that he could have been loyal! Do you live on Mars? If so please come down to the Earth and open your eyes please!
You said you were trying to improve your situation! That’s bullshit my dear! Since you have started living alone you simply started up a brothel! Is it that what you mean for “ improving a situation”? Mind you, I am not judging you but this is it! You crazily surf the net looking for dates. What for? Will you find your love that way!?! Oh please! Not even a kid could think so.
You said your behavior is affecting your life and your career: Finally a true statement. You’ve just forgotten about your health. You are becoming a sex addicted my dear. There’s nothing to laugh about; If I were you I’ll begin looking for a good doctor.
Whenever you try you fail: Sure! Every time I see the same plot even if you say “this time it’ll be different”.
You feel lonely: you chose to live abroad. Well, you say for money. NO my dear! You chose the easiest way.  Living abroad is much easier for you don’t have to explain to your family and other people why you don’t have a girl, why you haven’t gotten married yet. Think about it! Am I mistaken? I remember those time when somebody told you he wanted to introduce you to some girl. You always laugh but you were terrified of it. So, living abroad not only was the easiest way it also has some a considerable amount of cowardice.
You drink: good to hear! Another easy way. Fast, not expensive, can give lots of fun mixed with sex. Why don’t you try drugs too?
Stop writing “ I am in the middle of nowhere”! You are where you wanted to be. You used to think to built yourself a gilt cage, but now that cage has become your hell instead of your nest. Whose is the blame? Of the curse? OH please!
You don’t know who you are: You don’t want to know. It is too difficult to try to get rid of your mask so, instead of looking at yourself in the mirror and see what’s wrong with you, you keep hiding underneath it. It is much easier.
Those and many other thing I would like to tell you but it’s enough for now.
It was a difficult choice to write these  words but as I told you more than once, sometimes a hard pain does better than many caresses. I don’t hope that you will open your eyes, I wish you could! I just hope that you will read this email from time to time and think about it.
I love you very much and for this reason I wrote this mine to you. Believe me it hurts me very much but less than to keep on seeing  you like an empty shell. I do not want to see you with an empty life with nothing in your hands but money, wasting your life, time and health for nothing.
I kiss you with much affection

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